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Generators video: Artists explore animism through robotics

Film still from Cake Industries.
Film still from Cake Industries.

“I guess with mechatronics and robotics that’s really quite a pure way of exploring animism [the attribution of a living soul to an inanimate object] … we can actually create something that has movement and logic that we’ve decided ourselves … we’re leaving part of our thought processes in these objects.”

Cake Industries (artists Jesse Stevens and Dean Petersen) explore animism through robotics in this film by Victorian College of the Arts alumnus Jack Dyball (MFTV 2014).

Generators is a mini-documentary series that has been created through a partnership betweenCreative Victoria and the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA).

The project saw VCA film and television graduates team up with artists who have received support through the VicArts Grants program to make short documentaries that go behind the scenes with artists and give an insight into their creative process.

Lido Cinemas will be showing the films on the big screen ahead of all evening screenings during summer.

Watch more in the Generator series:

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